Featured Friend: Autumn from Still Loved Foundation

Featured Friend: Autumn from Still Loved Foundation

Hey, guys! It’s been a hot second, but I am working on getting back into regular blogging. 

Today I’m featuring a friend I have met in the baby loss community who is doing amazing work to help others. This is Autumn!

Here is her story in her words:

Bastion Porter Cohen was stillborn March 25th, 2020. His death caught us completely off guard. He had a healthy 37 week ultrasound just a few days prior. We didn't get many answers, but mostly because we didn't know what questions to ask. Nurses assured us most autospies come back as normal, so it wasn't very necessary to proceed with one. The doctor who delivered him speculated that his cord was wrapped too tightly around his neck. Bash was amazing though. A 5lb 9oz bundle of pure love. His weight felt substantial in my arms. His hair was so thick and dark. His nose was just like mine. He was so peaceful. 

Baby Bastion
Baby Bastion- isn’t he beautiful?

In order to honor her beautiful baby, she started Still Loved Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to helping families celebrate angel birthdays and angelversaries by sending cards.

I requested one for Joseph’s birthday this year and it meant so much to me to see his name in the mail ❤️ If you want to learn more, request a card, or donate to help, check it out here- still-loved.org.

The other project Autumn has been working on is a book! Here’s how she describes it:

This is a baby memorial book for bereaved parents. It is like a baby book, but with guided journaling to help grieving parents find their new normal. Unlike a traditional baby memory book, this one respectfully omits pages the part where babies get to grow up. Instead, it focuses on last moments, missed milestones, and ways to cherish baby. Remembering details of your little one through precious illustrations, scrapbook-style photo pages & writing spaces. This is an all-in-one spotlight for your beautiful baby. 

I am so excited for this book to be published! I think it is a beautiful concept and the pages I have seen give me all the feels. Here’s a sneak peek-

Autumn asked for some help and so we collaborated on making these stickers to celebrate pre-orders! The first 100 pre-orders will receive this sticker, designed by yours truly.

To learn more about this book, here’s the website- babylossbook.com.

If you have any questions for me or Autumn, drop them in the comments below, or you can find her on Instagram- @stilllovedfoundation.

If you would like your business or nonprofit featured on this blog, contact me at littleteardropco@gmail.com!


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