Christmas is coming… sigh

Christmas is coming… sigh

We put up our Christmas tree and decorations right after Thanksgiving. I don’t know of a more bittersweet time than the holidays after losing someone special.

I was fine and enjoying myself all through putting up the tree and decorating it with ornaments.

I was fine while putting the nativities up.

I was fine getting the Christmas books out.

I was fine until I got to stockings.

When my oldest was a baby, I decided to make stockings for each of us. I spent hours figuring out a pattern, quilting the fabric, and putting them together.

When I had the twins, I went through that process for them again. I made matching stockings for them that I was immensely satisfied with.

Last year, I took the time to hand embroider each of them with our names.

This year, I had already started thinking of what I was going to do for Joseph’s stocking. I was planning on finding a plaid that coordinated with our other colors for his stocking.

I know that I could just make him a stocking anyways. I know we could even put things in it for him… but why?

The idea of spending all that time making a stocking for someone who would never use it is not comforting.

I don’t really know what to do for Joseph this Christmas. We bought a stuffed horse for him that I think we will take to his grave, but I don’t want to leave it there to get ruined and thrown away. December 23 will be six months since he was born and I am already dreading that day.

I love the ornament of his footprints hanging on our tree because it makes me feel like he is part of our Christmas. I just wish he were here.

Any ideas for what we could do to remember him this Christmas?


My friend organizes a diaper drive each December in honor of her baby who passed away. They ask family and friends for donations in all sizes and then donate them to their pediatrician who then passes them out to families in need.
Little Teardrop Co. replied:
What a cool idea! I want to do a donation of some type, and I didn’t think of diapers!


What if you all made a candle and then you can light the candle whenever you wished? Don’t know if you’re candle friendly with littles running around—I know I didn’t bother with candles for a little bit with Logan til he got older. Anyways, just could be a fun family activity; you could pick the size, color(s) and smell, etc. ❤️❤️
Little Teardrop Co. replied:
I love that idea! Thank you, Kimmy!


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